This is the story of my sablay.


During my preparation for my thesis defense, I already saw a sign from Benitez Alumni Association encouraging candidates for graduation to buy their sablay. Since then, I dreamt of buying my own, but I was afraid because there was no guarantee yet, that I’d surely graduate this year.


Every time, I passed by the corridors where the ad was posted, I always made an effort to ignore it, but deep inside me was shouting that I should buy, and one day I’d wear my own sablay.


Day after day, I diligently tried to accomplish my requirements, and as I looked at the ad, it was compelling when it said that the stocks were limited. Still, I ignored it.


After several sleepless nights and visiting the college from time to time, I became confident that I’d graduate this year. When I submitted the bound copies of my thesis, I finally felt relieved. I was tired then, and it was raining hard. I still have not bought the sablay. I went home without it.


One week later, I felt the urge to buy the sablay, but when I came to the alumni office, the receptionist informed me that they only had small size. She also asked if I had reservations. I sadly replied that I had none.


I walked to Shopping Center, which was somewhat far away from the center. When I got there, the sales lady told me that they only had embroidered stock. I tried the small one, and it fit me. If that was the case, I ran back to the alumni center and convince the receptionist to allow me avail the small size.


When I got there, I pleaded to the lady. Thank God because she allowed me to buy 1 of the last 2 extra stocks for students who did not make reservations. My sablay is handwoven.  “Akala ko sasablay pa ako dahil wala akong sablay.”


I was really meant to graduate, and wear my sablay. This matters to me so much.


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