The Dilemma of a Reader

My friends already know that I am a genuine book addict. I always go to bookstores and buy a lot of books occasionally. I have a collection of great books, most of them are still unread.

I am passionate about reading since the day I realized the perks of being a reader. I’ve created a habit that is both entertaining and rewarding.

Unfortunately, I’ve been trapped. My reading feats have become rare these days to think that the greatest hindrance for my pleasure reading time was over: my thesis writing. I am ashamed to note that I’ve read more books during the days when I was writing my thesis than these days.

So what is my problem if I have the luxury of time?

It’s too embarrassing, but probably I’ve become lazy. I’ve become a sloth. Not that I don’t do my responsibilities. Of course, I am a diligent teacher, and I still do whatever task that is assigned to me with excellence and dedication. The story is not the same with reading. I think I am a lazy reader. Instead of reading a book or an ebook, I’d rather daydream or stay immobile. Instead of flipping pages of a book, I just make myself still these days.

Another sad reality involves my addiction in social media. Yes. I am now infected by social media addiction. My fingers are now uncontrollable in scrolling. I don’t read books, but I read a lot in social media. Something that alarms me now.

When I came home late a while ago, I decided to take a nap. After dinner, I grabbed an unfinished book and read it. Although I am tempted to nap again, I finished the book. It was a feat I’d treasure because it brought me into a revival. A renaissance indeed. It made me want read another book and finish another.

I have to read again. My books are waiting.


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