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One Funny School Day

Last Tuesday, I found it very difficult to get up from bed. I thought I just lacked sleep as it was effortful to open my eyes. Only later when I realized that I had sty. My left eye can hardly open. When I arrived in the classroom, nobody was talking about my eye, but the way my students stared at me, I’m sure they noticed it.


I think I was a good actor. I walked from my table to the front and began teaching as if nothing happened. Unfortunately, it was really hard to make an eye contact with them. Occasionally, I just glanced at them and looked all the time on the white board. That class ended without anyone mentioning about my left eye.


In the next two classes, my students noticed it. In the second one, the moment I entered the room, all eyes were staring at me. The student who always laughs while I talk in class could not control himself that day, he showed a big grin. I asked everyone to sit except that boy. I instructed everyone while looking at this boy not to mind what’s with my eye. The class would go on even if I had that condition.


Indeed, we moved on.


Our lesson that day was surprisingly “analyzing the message of a song.” And the song was “Let It Go.” The students were indeed very excited when I showed the video from the movie Frozen. Since it was an HD-karaoke version, some of them sang along. I could see a lot of smiling faces as some of their classmates tried to sing aloud.


After watching the video, I thought of having a singing show down but with a twist. I asked each group to choose one male student to give his rendition of the song.


I always made jokes during these kinds of situations. For the first student, I tried to imitate a judge in The Voice during blind auditions. I grabbed a chair and acted as if I was attempting to press the buzzer. The kids grew wild.


When the last student sang, the entire class was cheering so loud that the one singing could not be heard anymore.


Until something unexpected happened.


A guy was so hyper, and he was trying to do what I did. When he was raising his hand to press his arm chair as if it was a buzzer, one of the legs of his chair broke, and he collapsed on the floor. Perhaps, there was too much pressure to his chair already, and the chair was really weak. It took as 5 seconds of silence before we roared into a thunderous laughter. That was indeed stark hilarious.


The guy managed to get up and joined us in laughing as if nothing happened. He was a good sport, and he was not hurt. The other guys hurriedly got his chair and replaced it with the extra chair at the back.  They’re really great comrades.


As I tried to move on to the discussion, I couldn’t help but to laugh some more. That was very rare.


These moments were only few of the many humorous things that happen in the classroom everyday. No wonder I am enjoying this job.


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