Thinking about Teaching ATM

Teaching involves continuous learning.


I heard someone shared in one of our seminars that she was afraid of resting on her laurels. I had not understood fully what that teacher meant until I experienced it myself.


Having been a teacher for more than 7 years and finally having completed my master’s degree, I felt I was more competent and sharp than ever. Technically, I might be. I would have embraced many theories and principles in my classroom. I have separated what works from what would not.  In short, my sword have somewhat been sharpened.


But like any skilled warrior, I cannot be complacent with the kind of training that I had. Everything that I’ve learned may not be applicable tomorrow or in the next days, next months, or next years. There’s no certainty with our possessed skills and knowledge.


Of course, there’s no secret ingredient. I am meeting different sets of students every year. Hence, I cannot teach each one the same way I did last year or in the previous years. I have to test the waters and plan how I can work and how can I make the plan work.


Recently, I happened to watch MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya). When I watched the teaser, I thought it was just a simple dramatic story. When I peered on the TV, I realized that it was something I was able to relate. It was a story about a poor guy who battled everything to attain his dream and become a teacher. Through his story, I realized the importance of being able to reach our dreams. Andin doing so, we are driven to let others reach theirs as well.


Of course, doing that is not easy. That’s why I have to be diligent in this job. It’s never an easy job. I have to nurture what I have but I should be bold enough to continue learning, and every day is my classroom.


I should be working now.. Oops. I mean tomorrow.


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