A Different School Visit

For the past year, I’ve been coming to UP almost every other day to complete my requirements for my master’s degree. My routine has almost been the same. Most of the time, I took pictures of the scenery especially the road with myriad of trees. For me, that scenery symbolize direction, goal, or destination.


Last Tuesday, I went to UP again. This week was enrolment week, but I did not visit our school to enrol. I remember my classmate sending me a message in LinkedIn. He was asking about the enrolment schedule. Then, he asked me if I already enrolled. I replied that I did not. He thought I didn’t need to enrol anymore since I might be in my data gathering stage. I told him I did not enrol anymore because I already graduated. Perhaps, he was unaware. Later on, he congratulated me.


Unlike most students in the campus, I had a different business why I came there and that’s not to enrol. Yes, I miss the advising procedure upto the paying the tuition moment when I have to let go some of my finances to pay for my education. Good thing, UP is a state university. The amount could have been higher if I took my studies elsewhere.


So what’s my business then?


I was supposed to be there by Wednesday, but since all my commitments in school were cancelled, I decided to reschedule it that day. And that was really a great decision.


First, I proceeded to the OUR to claim my transcript of records and certificate of graduation. I checked the online bulletin, and there was a notification that I could get mine. When I was there, there was no pressure anymore because after all these years, finally I’ve completed my degree. While others were fixing their records because they just arrived in the university, I was already getting mine for my completion. Although I had to wait for some minutes like I did before, I did not feel haggard or stressed waiting. For me, it was ceremoniously soothing to wait for my turn.


While waiting, I brought out a document and did some editions on it. When I got mine, the feeling was indescribable. I am not trying to exaggerate it, but having gone through several laborious days, getting that simple piece of paper meant a lot. That certified that I am already a graduate.


After I got the documents, I raced to the cashier to claim something. I was afraid I would be trapped in a traffic because there were many vehicles in the campus since it’s enrolment time. I was blessed indeed because it took me only few minutes to arrive there. I whispered my prayers because I was not sure if the check was already available. When I gave my ID, the smile from the lady in the cubicle relieved my unease feeling. It was already available. Thank God!


I decided to encash the check right away in the bank beside the cashier building. I just remember my bank experience last June, and it’s the same bank. (See my bank’s funny experience). The line was a little bit long, so I brought out my document again and continue my editions. After my transaction, I immediately went to the shopping center. I decided to treat myself. I bought Kiwi-mango shake, and I ate my lunch at 3 PM. It was a simple canteen, but it felt like eating in a sumptuous restaurant while having my caldereta meal. I usually go to KFC, but the meal was indeed late, and my tummy could not wait any longer.


Afterwards, I entered Blessings photocopycenter to have my documents photocopied. Being in shopping center in UP made me want to have that kind of center in our own school or in any place elsewhere. I t feels good when your necessities are always available in your reach.


Finally, I dropped by in our college to retrieve my thesis copies, which were already signed by the dean. I thought it would even take us longer to get it, but the last time I called, the office staff gladly informed that it was already available. I made 9 copies when I was only required to produce 6 copies. Hence, I would be bringing home 4 copies with me. It was a pleasure to be bringing home the product of my labor. I glanced at the mechanics for thesis writing that was written in tarpaulin and posted on the wall of the office of the secretary. I am glad that I finished it. Before, that was a huge challenge for me, and I was thinking that it was impossible.  But it is possible. It really is.  My journey is a testament that proves that.


Sir Melchor, the staff, joyfully handed me my copies. He asked me to choose which ones to get. At first, I thought it was not necessary. But while he was writing in the log book, I did as I was instructed. I chose the better copies.


Then I left.


Before, when I came home from UP, I always brought home with me a receipt and a registration card.

But with my last visit, I brought home my transcript, my certificate, a bonus, and most especially, my treasured theses.


I can’t find words how much thankful I am for these precious God’s blessings. God is indeed faithful


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