Bad Day

If you are an active reader of my blogs, you would notice that I might be having perfect days most of the time. Well, dear reader, I am like any other human being who encounter bad days.


Just recently, I had one bad day. When I say bad day, I meant it was really tragic and disastrous.


I woke up one morning, and it was really raining hard. I noticed that the house was dark. My mom told me that there was blackout. I thought it was in our area, but unfortunately, it was only in our house.


How could that happen? She told me that something exploded few minutes back, but she could not tell exactly which among our appliances had.


Since I had to go to school, I took a cold shower with only a flashlight in the bathroom. I ate with candlelight while waiting if there would be an announcement of the cancellation of classes. There was none. I just left a budget for them to call an electrician to fix the problem since my dad was in the province.


I raced to school under heavy rains. I got wet, but the show must go on. My class would be holding a debate, and all was set up already. When we had started, there was an announcement. As much as we wanted to continue, there was an order to evacuate the campus as soon as we can. I decided to let my students to go home.


I tried to work on some papers because I was expecting that there was no power yet at home. After finishing some, I heard from a colleague that the principal ordered everyone to do their paperworks at home.  I had no choice, but to follow.


When I was going home, it really rained so hard again. On my way home, I saw a commotion. A group of people were observing a crime scene. I notice a car with gunshots on the window. I was really terrified. I had not expected that that thing would happen. Although a year ago, a tricycle driver was also killed in his tricycle at the same time and on a rainy day, too.


When I arrived, nobody was home. I was so terrified because my mom left her mobile phone. I tried to call my sister, but she was not answering. She’s on her way to work.  I was already overthinking. What if mom was shot or what if she rushed herself to the hospital. I didn’t know. I kept praying while waiting until she arrived safe. She said she just went to make an appointment to the electrician.


The electrician arrived minutes later, and he fixed everything. Our electricity went back  to normal after three hours.


The day could have been a disaster, but I tried to look on the positive side. Yes, we ran out of electricity for quite few hours, and I spent some finances on the expenses of the repair. But I am still thankful because that only happened after 28 years. Imagine, all the lines and wires served us well through the years. Through those faithful years. So that event was not that too depressing.

Because of that, we were informed that we had to replace some old wirings for that not to happen again.


I took some relaxation for the rest of the day.


Maybe, I woke up on not a good day, but it made me feel not that so bad about it. Looking on the positive is indeed necessary when something negative happens.





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