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Fresh Start

NOTE: I was supposed to submit it to a publication, but I felt it was not enough. I am posting it here anyway.)


Many of us have probably experienced several school years already. Some may have tasted victory in the past; others may have experienced failures and frustrations that they are tempted to approach the new school year with a lukewarm attitude.


We all know that we are in dire need of hope as far as the education and the future of our youth is concerned that it prompts us to give another school year a chance.


Doing so, we-teachers, parents, students, and all other school stakeholders-join hands and have our common goal in paving the road for our nation’s success.


To our dear students who get excited as they acquire new school supplies and uniform and reunite with their friends after a long break, may you have the same exhilaration on diligently devoting your time and effort. As you do, it will take you closer to your dreams. Burn in your heart the fire that your work will make this country better and greater. Your actions are bigger than your dreams. Refuse to believe that your past failures and previous mistakes define you, because they don’t. Let these negative vibes a challenge to improve yourselves and become a better version of yourself. Make a resolution like the ones you make every new year that you will do your best no matter how much it will cause you. Many are hoping that your pen will write great ideas and the classroom will be a laboratory of hopes, dreams, and learning.


To our loving parents, remember your dreams for your children. You work hard and sacrifice for them because of your great love, and that love extends to the most valuable legacy that you can give them. The job of making learning happen cannot be done by teachers and students alone. Effectively educating this generation may require the camaraderie of teachers, students, parents, communities, and the rest of the private sector.


To my fellow teachers, let us keep education as our major agenda in facing our problems at present. Let us remember that our highest calling is to catalyze change among our students. We must ensure that every lesson counts as we make each one relevant to the lives of our students.


American teacher Ron Clark said, “I have only one year to make a life’s worth of difference in each child in that classroom, and I give it everything I’ve got.”


Easier said than done. It requires action for us to make a difference.


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